Jewelry Materials & Maintenance

Materials Used:

All pieces are created with Sterling Silver and 14/20 Gold Filled Components, unless noted otherwise in the item description. All components are NICKEL FREE, and are considered hypoallergenic.

Jewelry Care:

Most importantly, do not shower, swim, or exercise while wearing your jewelry. Extra care must be taken to ensure that your new handcrafted piece will last you many years. Please remember that due to the delicate nature of dainty jewelry, sleeping with your jewelry on is not recommended, as movements during sleep can cause breakage. Moisture, salt water, chlorine, soap & perspiration take their toll on fine jewelry. Apply self-tanners, sunscreen, lotion or perfume and allow them to dry before putting on jewelry. Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain its true beauty. A little bit of warm water and Dawn dish washing liquid (gently scrub with fingertips) will remove impurities, and restore shine to your jewelry. PAT DRY before storing!


Sterling Silver Cleaning:

Please note that Sterling Silver is more prone to oxidation (tarnish), but it is VERY easy to restore to a shiny & new finish. Sterling Silver dip cleansers are the quickest/easiest option to remove oxidation, but polishing cloths and buffing pads will work as well. Gold Fill is less prone to tarnish. It is important (for both metals) to clean your jewelry frequently to remove all impurities that will lead to buildup (which leads to tarnish). Mild dish washing liquid (such as unscented Dawn) and warm water will remove impurities and restore the shine to your jewelry.